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Tuesday, September 9th 2014

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 09, 2014

The shocking image of Baltimore Raven star Ray Rice's now wife Janay Palmer lying unconscious in the elevator door is proof positive of a deep, dark secret in big-time sports. Athletes get a pass when it comes to criminal conduct, especially against women, unless they also take drugs like marijuana.  A powerful NFL running back, Rice could have easily killed Palmer, if her head had hit the elevator floor differently. Then it would have been murder, although even that might have been viewed sympathetically by the League.  (In the case of the greatest of all Baltimore Raven players, Ray Lewis, it was murder; two murders in fact, although Lewis was allowed to plead guilty only to obstruction of justice in the stabbing deaths in 2000).  Heisman Trophy winning quarterback Jameis Winston got a free pass on a violent date rape that was kept secret by Florida State University and not investigated by local cops until after Winston led the Seminoles to a national championship and won the cup as America's greatest college player.  There is an undeniable pattern wherein star players are allowed to be thugs along as they don't do drugs and only abuse women.  Pot smoking=unforgiveable. Domestic violence=negotiable. These twisted values and gross hypocrisy are exposed.  FSU and the NFL should both be charged with obstruction.

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