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Scotland: Will you be independent ?

by Geraldo Rivera | Sep 18, 2014

There is something on the down low that I suspect is helping propel Scotland's move to split from the UK. Because of obvious sensitivity, the issue is not much talked about in Scotland when referencing today's profound vote on separation. It is the changing face of England. How much of the desire of Scotland to split is motivated by that morphing racial, ethnic and religious reality in the rest of the UK? It is easy to have universal socialism, suffrage and sharing when everybody springs from the same historic roots, like most Scots. Historically, as in Scandinavia, folks don't mind sharing when they're sharing with others from the same family tree. It has proven far tougher to implement a share-and-share-alike culture when society consists of all kinds of people from all different backgrounds and national, religious, ethnic and racial origins. The rise in Muslim extremism being preached by England-based clerics is just the most obvious aspect of a vastly more diverse and unsettled UK. ISIS killers from London threatening Jihad aren't likely to make Scots want to stay in the English fold.

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