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Race Based Activism

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 13, 2015
An epidemic of race-based activism is sweeping through college campuses and it is going to get a lot more widespread and forceful. Influenced by the tactics of Black Lives Matter, and armed with the knowledge that liberal college administrations cannot stand the heat, an unformed but rapidly coalescing movement is afoot and it is going to go viral, no campus is immune. In some of the causes, like rampant student debt, the activists will be multi-racial. But what American colleges are just beginning to experience is a nascent revolt by African-American students who have been simmering since Trevon Martin. There is tremendous un-wielded power in black athletes who dominate the ranks of big-time football and basketball. The Missouri football team was the coup de grace for the ousted president of the university. They turned on him and so he was out. The top recruit who subsequently rejected Mizzou is another graphic example of consequences. Look for this trend to accelerate the movement described above. It is going to be a rocky year on campus.
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