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En Route To Paris

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 14, 2015
Leaving for Paris to check on Simone and her classmates and report on the situation for Fox News beginning with Fox and Friends Sunday morning. It has been a rough night for Sim. All the kids at the stadium were re-traumatized when they realized the explosions they heard at the soccer stadium were suicide bombers and that so many kids their age were slaughtered at the rock concert. Paris is in lockdown, for which I am grateful. I'm grateful too for all the expressions of love and support our family has been receiving from friends and viewers. Reflecting on the scope of this butchery it seems that perhaps a dozen or more killers conspired, prepared, armed themselves and then carried out six coordinated attacks; right under the noses of French intelligence. We are at war with savages who have no humanity and care only about spreading mayhem and murder. We must kill ISIS before ISIS kills us.
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