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Paris Mourns

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 16, 2015
Because their thug countries have become uninhabitable, the upheavals in the Mid-East principally Syria and Iraq, but also Afghanistan and Libya have set loose a flood of refugees, 800,000 this year alone crossing through Turkey into Europe. Aside from the obvious social disruption caused by bringing huge numbers of displaced Sunni Muslims to mostly Christian Europe, there is grave danger, because hidden among that horde will be extremists under the control of ISIS and other Sunni Muslim groups. In the savage attacks here they found a Syrian passport on the body of one of the suicide bombers who passed through Turkey and Serbia on his way here. This is what I hope Presidents Putin and Obama were talking about tonight at the G-20 Summit, the need to work together to defeat and destroy ISIS in Syria and create a Sunni Safe Harbor in Syria, protected by the Super Powers, so these folks can stay closer to home. Because hidden among the desperate and the innocent refugees from chaos will be terrorists bent on wreaking the murder and mayhem we’ve seen here.
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