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Ding Dong the Wicked Witch Is Dead

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 19, 2015
26-year old Abdelhamid Abaaoud the Moroccan-born Belgian sadist who was the mastermind of the dreadful Friday the 13th attacks here in Paris France is dead. His diabolical plot to inflict massive casualties on the French people and force the closing of their open society in part succeeded. In separate attacks on that awful night, 129 innocent civilians were savagely murdered, most shot at point blank range. 414 were injured, many grievously, and terror was sown in the hearts and minds of tens of thousands of families, here in France and around the world, including my own. And as bad as it was, it could have been so much worse. Only because of tight security at the soccer stadium, probably there because the president of France was there watching the game, were three suicide bombers prevented from adding countless others to the butcher’s toll. So Abaaoud is gone, his body torn to pieces. But today, along with the high fives questions are being asked. Along with celebrating his violent death and congratulating the cops who took down the safe house in which the perpetrators were plotting further mass murder and mayhem, targeting we think both the huge Charles De Gaulle Airport and a famous shopping mall here in Paris, French authorities are asking how the hell Abaaoud got into France without anyone being alerted to the fact that this notorious Jihadist thought to be in Syria, was instead in the heart of Paris leading a gang of killers inflicting the worst violence to hit the City of Light since the Second World War. But Abaaoud is dead and eight of his conspirators are under arrest. I only wish Diesel the hero police dog was around to piss on his grave.
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