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Low Rent Kamikaze

by Geraldo Rivera | Nov 19, 2015
As a kid I remember being shocked reading about Japan's Kamikaze pilots, who drove their planes into our ships, intentionally killing themselves to inflict as much damage as possible on us, the enemy. It made such a vivid impression because they welcomed death, when our brave soldiers sacrificed themselves knowing life was precious and irredeemable. 70 years later without the nobility of the Kamikaze and choosing soft targets they know usually can't fight back, the suicide bombers of the Muslim extremist age embrace death even over victory. Like the Paris bombers they are Apocalyptic Nihilist seeking to destroy and die trying. Their reckless wrath and cold-blooded contempt for life makes them a true threat. Civilization must act decisely to fulfill their death dreams and speed them on to whatever awaits.
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