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Donald Trump is a flame thrower

by Geraldo Rivera | Dec 08, 2015
Donald Trump is a flame thrower, but he is not fireproof. Facing near unanimous condemnation, for the first time he seems unable to get ahead of the current outrage he ignited when he called for the exclusion of all Muslim immigrants from the United States. I believe to my distress that a significant percentage of frightened Americans agree with Trump and with what is clearly an outlaw, illegal un-American suggestion. But can that populist appeal save his candidacy this time? I don’t see how. Too many decent, disparate voices within the Republican Party are now heaping scorn and condemnation on the leading GOP candidate. Some media outlets are even comparing him to Hitler, which is also outrageous, but it shows how far he has fallen into a political abyss with this unconstitutional craziness. Absent a heartfelt apology, he cannot hope to win the nomination. I know he’s survived the defilement of Mexicans immigrants, insulting menstruating women, ridiculing mature women and POW's and mocking the disabled. But isn't this time different? BTW tomorrow I'll be guest hosting my pal Joe Piscopo’ s radio show on ‪#‎am970theanswer‬ from 6am to 9am. The topic will be Trump and Terror
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