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"With unrelenting pursuit, few were more dedicated to understanding the War on Terror than Geraldo Rivera. A must-read to understand the complexities of the battle overseas and the war over public opinion here at home."

--Bill Hemmer, Fox News anchor

"You have not lived a full and complete life unless and until you have the opportunity to listen to Geraldo tell the stories of each chapter in his life . . . The passion and love he has for this country, our military, his work ethic, now almost 50 years on television, make him The Godfather of tough hard-hitting, know-no-fear, go-anywhere reporting. The Geraldo Show takes us on a journey. A journey that few people in life will ever get to go on. A journey to some of the most remote places in the world . . . This page-turning roller-coaster ride Geraldo takes us on will truly inspire every reader to want to dive even deeper into themselves, to find that part of our souls that wish to be more courageous and bold in the lives we live.”

--Sean Hannity, Fox News anchor and host of The Sean Hannity Show

"Geraldo and I have been best buds since before I can remember smoking weed...which we never did together...even when no one was looking. I would go on an adventure with him anytime.

The Geraldo Show

is just the ticket."

--Richard "Cheech" Marin, author and comedian

"The Geraldo Show

is a poignant account of combat as seen from the one person who has been there with our soldiers every step of the way. He captures war as it was fought; in all its ugliness, all its sacrifices, and all its heroism."

--John F. Campbell, General, US Army (Retired)

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