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Geraldo Rivera appearances on the Fox News Channel

Censorship & Bias?

02 Sep 2022

Is the administration complicit in big tech companies censorship and bias of inconvenient facts? Geraldo discusses the months…

Biden addresses crime

30 Aug 2022

President Biden says in Pennsylvania he wants to Fund the police, accountable policeman. But anyone can remember not so…

DOJ Redactions

25 Aug 2022

The Justice Department has about two hours to submit their suggested redactions to the Mar-A-Lago affidavit release. What…

Suckerpunch suspect freed without bail

19 Aug 2022

A NYC man caught on tape giving a nearly deadly sucker to an unsuspecting bystander is released quickly and without bail.…

Tump search: affidavit released?

19 Aug 2022

Geraldo appears on Fox News Channel's Hannity program with Sean Hannity & Special guests. Will the release the affidavit…

Gabby Petito Case

09 Aug 2022

Geraldo Rivera appears on the Fox News Channel show America's Newsroom to talk about the tragic case of Gabby Petito.

Recession spin

28 Jul 2022

Geraldo Rivera appears on Fox News Channel show The Five, to discuss the Biden administration's spin on the word "recession".

Bribing young voters?

28 Jul 2022

Is Biden looking to win back young voters with a 'bribe'?  'The Five' panelists react to reports President Biden is looking…

Knoxville Opiod Crisis

28 Aug 2018

Geraldo goes on a DEA drug bust nears Knoxville, TN