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NFL player kneels

24 Nov 2017

An NFL player kneels on Thanksgiving in protest. General Mark Hertling calls Trump's message to the troops insulting.

Manson dead at 83

20 Nov 2017

Depraved cult leader Charles Manson is dead in prison at age 83.

Senator Al Franken

17 Nov 2017

Senator Al Franken is accused of sexual misconduct, and a mistrial is declared in the Menendez bribery case.

Uranium One deal

13 Nov 2017

Jeff Sessions raises the possibility of a special counsel r.e. the Clinton Foundation's Uranium One deal.

Trump's Asia tour

04 Nov 2017

President Trump prepares for his Asia tour, while Brazile backpedals on DNC news.

Diversity visa review?

03 Nov 2017

After the terrorist attack in NYC, does the diversity visa need to be reviewed? Brazille, Warren admit the nomination was…

Islamic Terror in NYC

31 Oct 2017

A radical Islamic terrorist kills 8 in NYC. Sebastian Gorka & Pamela Geller join Geraldo on Hannity to discuss.

JFK document release

27 Oct 2017

Government documents recently released by the Trump administration reveal details in the investigation of President John…

POTUS Trump vs. Congresswoman

21 Oct 2017

The dispute between President Trump & Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, after POTUS condolence call to the widow of a…