Now It Can Be Told.

Now It Can Be Told, hosted by Geraldo, was an investigative news program that aired 1991-1992 with great ratings. Field Correspondents were Roberta Baskin, Craig Rivera, Gail Anderson, Krista Bradford, Richard Wiese and Richard Johnson. The show covered every major cover-up and beaurocratic scandal garnering national interest, with topics ranging from 'The Challenger Cover-Up' to Cuban Revolutionaries trying to overthrow Fidel Castro. Geraldo's hard-hitting reporting style earned him exclusive and far-reaching interviews with guests on the show including; Former President Geraldo Ford, numerous members of Congress, Mick Fleetwood, Rita Marley and many more.

Cuban refugees & escape

18 Dec 1991

Now It Can Be Told 75 -- Cuba. Aboard the United States Coast Guard cutter Matagorda, we investigate the dangers of overloaded…

Sail to Cuba

19 Dec 1991

1950s Cuba, or a 1990s nightclub in Miami ? This episode talks about Alpha 66, caribbean runaways getting into Cuba, night…