Starting out

Beginning with 20/20 Eyewitness news in 1970, Geraldo's early career was a series of in-depth investigations that produced real results.  Reporting on illicit and prescription drug use and abuse brought home hard realities for millions of Americans.  His 1972 expose Willowbrook catapulted Geraldo onto the national stage, as well as leading to real-world changes in the way New York state and the rest of the nation treated the developmentally disabled.

Prescription medicine

November 30th, 1978

"Most people don't like to pay for something they're not getting but unforutnately that's exactly what's happening in some aspects of the prescription medicine business. This story tonight is a three part prescription for saving money. It's about getting what you pay for."

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Heroin epidemic

July 5th, 1979

Drug addiction is passed from mother to child resulting in everything from learning disabilities to death. This show urgently looks for answers in stopping a terrible reality, drug addiction. The solution is more than medicine.

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Willowbrook recap


Willowbrook: The last great disgrace. This exposé revealed gruesome conditions and neglected mentally disabled children at New York State's Willowbrook facility. These conditions were not widely known in the public and shedding light on them led to a series of investigations and changes for the better.

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