Talk Show

Geraldo is an American daytime television talk show hosted by Geraldo Rivera that aired in syndication from September 7, 1987, to June 12, 1998. The last two seasons aired under the title The Geraldo Rivera Show. The series was a production of Investigative News Group and distributed by Tribune Entertainment.

24 Hours On Death Row

05 Feb 1990

"How would you feel if you were told that next Friday, at exactly 1 minute after midnight, you were gonna die?  Pray? …

Secret Lives of Celebrities

30 Nov 1989

"This is a program about four very prominent, very rich, very self-centered very successful people who to varying degrees…

Manson: Psycho

09 May 1988

"Others have killed more, and they've done it more recently. But Charles Manson is a name that has taken its place in American…

Modern Love

21 Dec 1987

In this two-hour special, which was broadcast live from New York with taped cut-ins, Geraldo probes the mores and dangers…